What better way to ensure you get the vitamins and minerals
you need than with an energy drink you can feel good about
drinking? Verve shatters the typical energy drink mold with its
insanely healthy ingredients. This innovative product features
the clinically studied Vemma® formula plus natural caffeine and
energy-enhancing nutrients.* High in antioxidants, Verve
provides sustained energy and complete nutrition without the
empty calories.*
Boasting a refreshing, lightly carbonated tropical flavor, Verve
delivers insanely healthy energy when you need it most.*
Choose from low natural sugar or zero sugar varieties.
Nourishes by delivering a complete supply of vitamins and
plant-sourced minerals.*
Protects against cellular damage with the antioxidant-rich
Vemma formula.*
Revitalizes energy levels with a fast-acting amino-acid blend
of natural guarana (yielding 80mg of caffeine) and
energy-enhancing nutrients.*
Supports a healthy lifestyle for those seeking a nutritious,
long-lasting energy beverage without the high sugar and
excess caffeine.

The Vemma Clinical Trials were conducted by one of the
industry’s most widely recognized experts in independent
clinical testing: Brunswick Laboratories of Norton, Mass.
The intention of these studies was to evaluate the efficacy
and overall bioavailability of Vemma on immune function and
well-being in adults. This was done by subjecting the product to
the highest standard of clinical research — independent, double
blind, placebo-controlled study. The studies confirmed Vemma
showed significant improvements in immune markers, superior
antioxidant absorption and a lowering of C-reactive protein
(CRP), which points to its beneficial effects on overall health
and wellness.*

12 full-spectrum vitamins (including antioxidant vitamins) —
Vital for health and well-being.*
Plant-sourced mineral blend— Essential major, trace and
ultra-trace ionic, life-giving nutrients.
Phytonutrient ingredients— A blend of powerful plant and
natural components that help promote good health.*
Mangosteen superfruit— An abundant supply of wildcrafted,
whole fruit mangosteen and beneficial pericarp (rind) extract
that provides some of the highest quantities of xanthones found
in nature.
Organic glyconutrient-rich aloe vera — A powerful
phytonutrient known to provide the body with many
beneficial effects.*
Organic green tea— For additional antioxidant power and
phytonutrient protection.*
Natural caffeine — A natural and abundant caffeine source
that scientists and nutritionists believe are supportive of brain
function, vitality and overall health.*
Taurine— An amino acid that is an important component
for a wide range of activities, and has been
shown to support athletic and cognitive
performance when used in conjunction
with caffeine.*
D-ribose— A sugar that occurs naturally
in all living cells, and enhances energy
production in heart and muscle tissue.*
Inositol — A B vitamin that helps with
cellular communication as well as the overall
support and health of the body.*
Choline chloride — A phospholipid naturally
found in the nervous system tissues, that
supports a variety of functions in the body to order Click Here!!!!!! 

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Verve Energy Drink (Healthy Energy drink)
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Verve Energy Drink (Healthy Energy drink)

Verve Energy Drink (Healthy Energy drink)

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