The app for I-phone and android, which instantly 
calls emergency services and informs your friends 
the moment you crash

What does Collision Call do?

The app calls the emergency services in the country you are in, at the moment you get involved in a serious car accident. The app also allows you to instantly mail your friends about your accident, so they can act upon.

How does Collision Call work?

Simple. Scientific medical research shows the impact of G-force on humans during a crash. The app will call the emergency service when the impact of the G-force becomes significant in these medical terms. You will also need to drive for some time and above a certain speed, as we do not want you to accidentally call the emergency services when dropping your phone. The app has successfully been tested at lower G-force settings.

How should I use Collision Call?

Once installed, just open the app. The app is now in 'standby' mode. As soon as you start driving the app shows 'running' (this happens after a few seconds and above a certain minimum speed). When it 'runs' you can be sure the app will automatically make the call if required.

When can I use Collision Call?

You should use the app any time you are planning to drive. You can use the app while driving a car or motorcycle. Or even on a train if it makes you feel safer.

In what languages is Collision Call available?

The app is available in the following languages:

In which countries does Collision Call work?

Currently the app works in 144 countries around the world.

What makes Collision Call different from other systems?

Currently, other systems are only available in expensive cars, or as an expensive build in set to your car and phone. In addition, they often can only work in a single country or do not call emergency services directly when you need them most, nor do they instantly inform your friends.
Collision Call is different by making this service available to any driver, in any country, regardless the car or motorcycle you drive. And because we primarily focus on these items only, we can offer the app cheaper then all the other systems.

What updates can we expect in the (near) future?

We realize even our app has its limitations. Sometimes that is not because we can not make it, but because not all emergency services in each country are equally technologically developed. We plan to have the following future updates made available as soon as we can:
- Available in more countries
- Available in more languages
- mailing or automatically informing emergency services your accident position
- mailing or automatically informing emergency services the amount of G-force 
- And much more ..

How do I get more information about this?


I want the app, how do I get it?

This app is only $199!

you can get it now by CLICKING HERE for Android app!

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