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The app for I-phone and android, which instantly calls emergency services and informs your friends the moment you crash What does Collision Call do? The app calls the emergency services in the country you are in, at the moment you get involved in a serious car accident. The app also allows you to instantly mail your friends about your accident, so they can act upon. How does Collision Call work? Simple. Scientific medical research shows the impact of G-force on humans during a crash. The app w…
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For a onetime payment of $0.99 cent, Shows2Go App is an excellent portal and an easy way to reach unlimited Movies, Full Episodes (commercial free) and TV Shows, without having to navigate through multiples links. You can watch your entire favorite Shows "LIVE" no matter where you're at, all you need to have is Wi-Fi, plus the app is user friendly and runs smoothly on your Android Smartphone and Android Tablet PC. With Shows2Go, there’s no need to DVR. For entertainment value it’s an excellent c…
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Get the top San Francisco Forty Niner's Gear, Gifts and Apparel now and show your pride as we march on into the season: 49ers Store and for unique and specialized gifts: Shop 49ers
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Andy's Discount Store at AMAZON Visit:
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