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PNN Media Expands in 2016


PNN Entertainment Network has been working hard in 2015.  We've been doing some huge behind-the-scenes development for our niche networks.  The new year brings in a new formula for our entertainment channels.

2016 launches the PNN Entertainment Suite that includes eight media channels that you can enjoy on a variety of streaming devices.

Last year, we've worked hard in locking in some exciting carriage-agreements and distribution platforms that will continue to help our networks grow.  We also aggressively worked hard in expanding our content for our current channels as well as introduce new niche channels that have  already been implemented and expanding each day.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 6.02.10 PM

The TV and Radio industry is rapidly changing. PNN Media Group has been keeping up with the technology since 1999. As we see the technology move forward, we keep up with it.

For 2016, PNN Media Networks is combining all our niche channels into one easy-to-use platform on all our devices.  So when a user is watching or listening online; they have the option of accessing any of our channels.

Our apps now allow users to watch any of our TV networks on the same app.  All our radio channels are also available on the same app.  This holds the same on devices like ROKU, Chromecast and others.  They've all been updated to include all the PNN Niche channels in one platform.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 6.02.41 PM

We also understand the trend and viewing/listening habits of today's public.  More and more users are enjoying TV and radio programming on tablet devices.  These streaming platforms and devices are rapidly growing.  

All our TV & Radio broadcast streams are optimized for 99.9% of all devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and TV sets.

Our dedicated stream servers are designed to handle thousands of viewers/listeners simultaneously steaming at the same time.

Our Channels are available on numerous devices, IPTV systems, streaming products and more. We're already pre-installed in most of these products.

So, here's the new lineup of niche channels:

A complete channel lineup of entertainment!

Poptro Television :24-hour retro Television
Poptro Cartoon Channel : 24-hour After-School Cartoons
KLPS TV 19 Palm Springs : Local Palm Springs TV Network
Interfusion Television : 24-hour EDM Dance Music Channel
Proud Television : 24-hour LGBT Television Network
PrideNation Radio : Live LGBT Dance Music Radio Network
PNN Radio On-Demand  : On-demand LGBT Podcast Network
ClubHits.FM : 24-hour EDM Dance Music Radio Network
PNN MovieCast : Pop Culture Retro On-Demand Movies
PNN Entertainment App : Smartphone App that includes all Channels.

In 2015, we've worked hard in bringing all these networks together in one easy-to-use entertainment platform!  The best way for you to enjoy this first hand is to go to our website at:

There, you can get the free app, watch online, get connected to any home device and enjoy for years to come!  Don't forget to bookmark the site!