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Why LGBT People Are Happier Than Their Straight Counterparts


“It gets better.”


It’s a simple three-word phrase that could apply to anyone.  But it has become synonymous with the LGBT community.  In the beginning, it was used as a campaign of positivity to combat the increasing numbers of LGBT teenage suicide.  It served as a saving grace for those members of the community that were facing difficulty finding acceptance.  But now, it’s more than a bubbly phrase concocted to battle a dark problem.  It’s a mantra.


As we’ve witnessed through the progress in the United States and many other countries around the world, this is an amazing time for LGBT people.  Despite the picture that our opponents continue to perpetuate-one of loneliness, depression, and failure-the state of LGBT people is the most positive it’s ever been.  In fact, LGBT people are happier than straight people.  And there’s a lot of proof.


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