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Review of HCA Fit

Rated: Excellent

I'm wondering if the worst thing to happen to an Indonesian plant called garcinia cambogia was to be featured on Dr. Oz.

Why do I say that? Anyone in the health supplements industry will tell you that the bandwagon jumpers go nuts when America's fav celeb doctor declares something is safe, sexy and will make your life so much better. Garcinia cambogia is among them - a natural weight loss supplement that helps people slim down without dieting or diet pills.

Fortunately, HCA Fit gets it right. There's no 'garcinia cambogia' in the name, no fillers or artificial ingredients and it comes with 60% hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. This is all good news for you, because it means you WILL lose weight without harsh dieting and maybe even look a little hot for your efforts.

Product Information

HCA Fit is a garcinia cambogia natural weight loss supplement. Yawn, there are plenty of those right? Yes, but this one comes from Leading Edge Health - a leader among natural health supplements for over a decade because of the high quality of its products.

HCA Fit is their garcinia weight loss supplement, and Leading Edge has wisely distanced itself from the garcinia craze, instead putting together a product carefully researched, developed and crafted to help you do one thing: slim down.

Other garcinia products might help with that, but none as well as HCA Fit. I've used the product and lost weight. The customers I spoke with lost weight. Everyone seems to be losing weight and suddenly look fit and sexy when they use HCA Fit. I'm sold on that. Frankly, you will be too.

What I Like About HCA Fit

I lost weight with HCA Fit and I didn't have to adjust my diet. The pounds just came off - about 4lbs by my count in the first month. I'm a complete 11lbs lighter now than I was when I first started using the product five months ago.

More things you should know about HCA Fit. I like that it:

You should be sceptical of the promises made on the product's website. I know I was for a week or two after I started using the product. But yes, the weight really did come off, and I was pleasantly surprised by how lean and attractive my face looked with HCA Fit after about a month.

What I Don't Like About HCA Fit

I'm generally very happy with the product, but it has a few shortcomings.

  • You Can Only Buy it Online
  • The Name Is a Little Confusing

When I say it's confusing, I mean that most people looking to jump on the Dr Oz garcinia bandwagon might not realize that HCA Fit is a garcinia supplement. Their loss, your gain. The product is named for hydroxycitric acid - the compound in garcinia that inhibits conversion of carbohydrates to fat and increases serotonin.

That's what reduces binge eating and cravings for comfort food.

The Company

Leading Edge Health makes and sells high quality health supplement online. They're fairly exclusive, coming with an exceptionally loyal client base that likes the reassurance of the Leading Edge label. The company guarantees its products and offers live (and discreet) customer service 7 days a week. No recordings here - you get the best treatment when you buy a Leading Edge product.

HCA Fit is no exception.


The company gives you 60 days to try HCA Fit and return the product if you don't like it. From the customers I've spoken with, very few people return HCA Fit because they like it so much.

Final Thoughts

I love HCA Fit. The product helped me lose weight without major changes to diet or exercise. I like that it has 60% HCA - that's important because it maximizes weight loss - and easily blended into my daily routine. I didn't have to take diet pills or fast. I bought HCA Fit because of its reputation as a product that works. I'm grateful to say that it does just that.

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